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Notice of reopening

Notice of reopening

We have decided to reopening the following salons

Thursday 7th May :

Aoyama, Harajuku, Hiroo, Ebisu, Lalaport Yokohama, Odawara, Shizuoka ,
Fukuoka Tenjin, Fukuoka Ito

For reopening we have followed government policy and each areas policy ,
we will make sure our hygiene, health and safety measures in the salons will be new high standard.
please have a look our website for details
before visiting our salon.

If there is any changes to be made for the salon operation we will let you know on our Website.

we will look forward to seeing you soon in the salon.




Hidetoshi Saiga


For clients visiting our salon


We ask that all the clients to wear a mask

(During shampoo, colour or perm application, there are possibilities that products may go on the mask. So please bring a spare one if you need to)


Before entering the salon, we will be asking for your cooperation for the following. “cleaning of the soles with a sanitary mat”, “Alcohol sterilization for hands” and “thermometry using a non-contact thermometer”.

◼ Please keep your luggage as compact as possible.

  • We are refraining from providing some menus and services.
  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(* Items to be stopped at the bottom)


If you meet the following conditions, please cancel and change your reservation in advance. In addition, we will not be able to provide you with our service on the day when you visit the salon

◼ Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher when visiting the salon

  • Clients who have not only fever but also cold symptoms

(Please measure the temperature at home before you visit the salon.)

◼ Clients with subjective symptoms of poor physical condition

  • Clients who are in contact with COVID-19 patients within 2 weeks
  • Clients who have traveled abroad within last one month and have returned to Japan within two weeks


As a preventive measure against the virus, for the time being, we will stop or refrain from the following menus and services.

◼ Eyebrow waxing, eyebrow cuts, and make-up menu

◼ Suspension of drink services and magazines

(Please bring your own drinks and magazines if you need them.)

◼️ Minimum conversation service

(only necessary conversations during the service)

◼ Blankets and cushions

(Because it is ventilated, it may get cold, so please bring your own if necessary.)


What our salon is doing

  • In order to keep the social distance, We are controlling our reservations during normal business hours.
  • hand washing, gargling, and Alcohol sterilization for hands

◼ wearing masks all the time

◼ every staff has checked their temperature before coming to the salon.

◼ Hygiene enhancement including regular sterilization and cleaning of salon equipment ◼ installation of sterilization and sterilizing spray in the salon

◼  ventilation in the store

◼ Use face gauze when shampooing


The state of emergency is being declared, so it may change due to future government announcements or changes in the situation. In case of changes, we will notify you on this website and SNS. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

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