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Dyson Corrale…Cordless hair iron…

Hello everyone! I’m Chikako from Hiroo salon!

This amazing cordless hair iron, call…

” Corrale ” The only straighter with flexing plates that shape to gather hair!

The copper plates flex around your hair to gather the hair!

The Dyson Corrale straightener can create a variety of different styles.

From curls to waves, to smooth and sleek.

This amazing tool can create and get the look you want…

And it’s cordless!! Comes with charger and standing charging station.

It delivers up to 30min. styling. And fully recharge in 70min.!

And if you need to style longer, attach the magnetic 360° cable and style in hybrid charge mood!

Ask our staff for more information!

Looking forward seeing you in the salon!

English blog, スタッフブログ