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Hair set…arrange…by Stylist Konomi…

Hello everyone! I’m Chikako from Hiroo salon!

I’m going to share with you my brand new hair arrangement done by our stylist Konomi!

Today there were 2 different types of style!

It was so quick and she make it so easy but I think I could try them myself!

One of my hair style…

So yes! I have my job benefits… and this is one of the most appreciated by me, because I have a very long hair and sometimes isn’t easy to manage them myself…

Second style…

These hair arrangements are simple and easy even for me…

She (Konomi) made sure to show me something I can recreate myself! So sweet of her!!

If you ever want your hair up, visit Konomi!

Come and visit us! For more information ask our staff!

English blog, スタッフブログ