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Kwater…quick and amazing…

Hello everyone! I’m Chikako from Hiroo salon!

I’ve talked about this an amazing treatment before that you can experience even when you’re in hurry…

Well so… I’ve experienced it for a couple of times with my hair…

I just wanted so say WOW!

It makes my hair so shiny and soft for a while!

More I did this more, I can tell the difference the condition of my hair!

I have very frizzy( with humidity, my hair get wild) and unruly hair… and very long.

Ever since I tried this treatment, my daily routine of drying and styling is so much easier!

Comb out easily and doesn’t take much effort to pull to straightening.

I recommend this treatment to who always have hard time to blow out your own hair!

Come and visit us for Kwater treatment!

Ask our staff for more information!

Looking forward to seeing you in our salon!

English blog, スタッフブログ