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Ginza salon… opening soon…

Hello everyone! I’m Chikako from Hiroo salon!

Some of you already have been notified about our new salon is opening upcoming November!

Yes! We’re opening Ginza salon! Yes!

It is a great news and would like to Thank you for supporting us continuously!

There are relocation for our stylists in November and January.

Our stylists have been specialized in between hair cut and color… well, reason behind this is…

We’re going to change the system!

From January, our three salons…

<Harajuku, Hiroo, Ginza> will starts the all rounder system which means the stylist will perform cut and color.

<Aoyama>will be as same as which means the stylists are specialized in their fields of work.

Please talk with your stylist for more information!

Some of you might need to change the location you visit or stay and find your stylist have an amazing skills to perform your every needs!

Thank you for your understanding and love to see your next visit in the salon!!

English blog, スタッフブログ